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Casting and Forging Machining

The precision machining of castings and forgings has always presented a unique set of challenges. First among them is the value of the raw material itself, as castings and forgings are not “off-the-shelf” items and are often difficult and expensive to replace. That is why the correct approach to machining these workpieces is absolutely critical, and the right tooling is the key. At N&P Precision Machine we design and build all of our own workholding fixtures, working in close collaboration with our in-house CAD/CAM programming department. This teamwork approach allows us to design cost-effective tooling and maximize production efficiency, while minimizing the chance for costly machining errors.

In addition to our in-house tooling capability, N&P Precision Machine has many years of direct, hands-on experience in the machining of castings and forgings for a variety of industries and applications. Our customers benefit from this expertise with top-quality products and reliable, on-time deliveries at very cost-effective prices. The next time you need precision machining of castings and forgings, remember N&P Precision Machine has the knowledge and experience you need, at a price you can afford.

State-of-the-Art Precision MachiningTechnology.
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About Us

In 1997, the founders of N&P Precision Machine decided to use their combined thirty-five years of precision machining knowledge and experience to start their own contract manufacturing company. As it turned out, Walter Prodan, a machinist with exceptional skills in tooling and complex machining, and Danny Nguyen, an expert CNC programmer with years of experience in CAD/CAM systems and software, were a perfect match. Together they created a small precision machine shop that provides complex machining capabilities usually found only in much larger companies. By 2004, N&P Precision Machine had added customers and equipment and grown to occupy its own 5,500-square-foot modern manufacturing facility in West Hills, California.

n and p precision machine shop floor

N&P Precision Machine has 5,500 Square Feet of Modern Manufacturing Space in West Hills, California

Our small size is our biggest asset when it comes to flexible schedules, fast deliveries and very competitive pricing.

Today, N&P Precision Machine offers a full spectrum of precision manufacturing services. From simple parts to complex components using multi-axis machining, N&P has the equipment and expertise to deliver your most demanding requirements on time and to print. Nobody beats our in-house tooling capabilities; because when it comes to complex machining from castings, forgings and solid stock, the right tooling is the key. We build all of our own workholding fixtures and we maintain your tooling for future orders to minimize set-up costs and reduce lead time, which allows our prices to remain competitive. Combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced CAD/CAM capabilities, our complex machining services save our customers time and money; and allow us to deliver top-quality products on time, every time.

Whether you need one part or thousands, N&P Precision Machine is organized around the principles of lean-manufacturing to deliver a level of efficiency and reliability not normally found in a company of our size. Our small size is our biggest asset when it comes to flexible schedules, reduced lead times, and our ability to deliver a wide variety of precision machining services at very affordable prices.

At N&P Precision Machine we are in business to serve the needs of our customers. Let us quote on your next requirement and experience a new level of value and customer service in the precision machining industry. Call us at (818) 882-8400 or email us to learn more about what N&P Precision Machine can do for you.

Complex Precision Machining from Castings or Solid Stock.